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Hi. I'm Paula. Die hard Fall Out Boy. Believers never Die, Long Live the Car Crash Hearts and all that other good stuff. This blog is really just anything Fall Out Boy. Feel free to submit pictures, stories, experiences, anything FOB related. Or just ask stuff.
My main blog is elpaulabear.

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A few of my favourite (acoustic) Pete shots that I took in Glasgow and London.

Please do not use without crediting me.

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Fall out boy died for your sins and has risen like a Phoenix

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The stages of becoming a FOB fan
Stage 1: Fall Out Boy?
Stage 2: Fall Out Boy!!!
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When people have Fall Out Boy tickets but decide not to go.image

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Okay i just seen the reply about the photo and Elisa's twitter. Isn't her twitter on private though? And if not, what is her twitter?

No, it is private. But that was fairly recent that she’d done that. I had followed her before she’d done that so that’s how that happened. Sorry :/

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» Fall Out Boy recording “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” 

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daisiny Asked:
Where's the photo of Patrick and Elisa in the red sweater from??

from Elisa’s twitter.